Have you always wanted your own Funk? Have you ever thought that you may never hear Funk again? You are not alone. Sadly enough, this happens to millions of people each and every day. This Halloween, adopt a Funk Monster to Funk you through those stormy nights, and sunny days for that matter.

(time of day and weather conditions have no effect on Funk penetration – Funkage may vary – purchase song for less details – do not use Funk Monster to violate any laws or commit any crimes without express written consent of the one and only Funk Monster, the whereabouts of whom shall remain above your Funk grade for all eternity – adoption details include a 99 cent fee to cover the cost of inserting this Funk into your life – consult with your tax professional to determine if this purchase will expose you to additional IRS fees and/or penalties)

Funk Monster!!! Available October 31, 2014 from Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s.