Good Evening! And welcome to this edition of “Buy This Song”. Today on “Buy This Song”, you will be exposed to a scary creature known as the “Funk Monster”. Some listeners have been known to Funk in their pants while in the pressence of this recording. Please take precautions as necessary. If you have a stick up your butt, this song may not be right for you. Consult your spiritual adviser for details. Let’s get started, shall we?

(actual commencement of “Buy This Song” is illusory and does not to our knowledge, currently exist – disregard all previous statements accept the solicitation to buy this song – purchase of this song can and will be used against you in the court of Funk – against was not the right word to use in previous statement but it fit with the structure and tone of delivery meme – please substitute the word FOR to accurately interpret intentions of that statement – Funkage may vary)

Funk Monster!!! Available October 31, 2014 from Da’ Mutta’ Funka’s.